Free Primary Healthcare
Minimum Administrative Expenditures due to Voluntary Management
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Zero Cost to Poor Patients

Mission & Vision

Excellence in countrywide primary healthcare available to everyone.
Establish network of medical centers and dispensaries in rural and urban poor habilitations of Pakistan.
  • Free treatment to non affording patients.
  • Treatment at doorstep in selected poor localities
  • Awareness programs on pandemics, epidemics and infectious diseases.
  • Potable drinking water through filtration plants, especially in rural areas.
  • Facilitate government vaccination and TB Dot program.

What we do

We support the community by providing the unfortunate of the society with the best free healthcare possible.

Medical Centres for the Needy

Established medical centres for effective primary medical care of poor and needy people initially in poor localities of Rawalpindi district.

Free Consultancy Services

Arrange free specialist medical consultancy services to poor and needy patients through top specialists of repute in few medical centers.

Specialized Facilities Free of Cost

Provide essential diagnostic and specialized facilities  free of cost to deserving cases and at reduced rates to those who can afford to pay.

Free Medicines if possible

Provide free medicines and related drugs to the poor and the needy patients whenever possible according to the resources of the Trust.

Lt Gen Ghulam Muhammad Malik (Retd)
Patron AlMustafa Trust
Having made a start in Sep 1998 with meager resources but with clear mission and objectives, AlMustafa Trust has come a long way in serving the poor and needy people. It now has 22 medical centres, 21 dispensaries and an impressive infra-structure all over Pakistan.
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Lt Gen Muhammad Mustafa Khan (Retd)
Chairman AlMustafa Trust
If one sits back and reflects on the performance of AlMustafa Trust, one finds that the Trust has introduced a new phenomenon as to How Primary HealthCare is delivered. We may not call ourselves a role model, but this is how the world sees us.

Covid-19 Crisis

With Covid-19 crisis AlMustafa Trust need your assistance more than ever before. Your Zakat and donation can help us serve patients more vigorously and passionately. Open your heart, be generous to seek pleasure of Allah.


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