Process of Computerization

In Al Mustafa Trust computerization process started in 2015 however, it gained momentum in 2019. Initially a pilot project was deployed at Mehmoodabad Karachi. The software started with basic modules of registration, General OPD and Pharmacy (partial) only. Later the software was deployed in Korangi Karachi in Mar 2020, in Chaklala Scheme-III Rwp in Apr 2020 and Clifton Karachi in July 2020. After this deployment OPDs like Eye, Physiotherapy and Dental were added in software. Additionally services like Ultrasound, X-ray and ECG were also computerized. Having
computerized Pharmacy module, Lab was also computerized to include billing services, testing and integration with OPD module.

After having completed above mentioned modules, data-sync module was started in Nov 2020 to sync data of all 4 IT enabled centers with servers at Head Office as well as Software House. This has resulted in provision of centralized reports of our medical centers and regions at Head Office for better management, decision making and visibility.

This process of computerization has resulted in better patient management, patient history, transparency, systematic billing and paperless environment. Work on Financial Module, Procurement and Payroll modules is in-progress.

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