Obituary for the year 2021

  1. Mr Muhammad Ahmed Dawaiwala.
  2. Mother in Law of Brig Dr Mukhtar Ahmed Awan (Retd).
  3. Lt Col Abdul Qadir (Retd) – A Founding Member.
  4. Lt Col Muhammad Sharif Malik (Retd) – Member Coordination.
  5. Dr Saeed Akhtar – MMC Korangi Karachi.
  6. Mr Shahid Hussain; Trustee & PD Medical Center – Peshawar.
  7. Father in law of Maj Gen Masood Hasan (Retd).
  8. Brother in law of Brig Dr Mukhtar Awan (Retd).
  9. Brother in law of Brig Khalid Rashid Akhtar (Retd).
  10. Cousin and nephew (son of brother in law) of Air Cdre Saif-ur-Rahman (Retd).
  11. Sister in law (Bhabi) of Brig Muhammad Ashfaq Ashraf (Retd).
  12. Brother in law of Brig Muhammad Sarfraz (Retd).

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