We Provide primary health care
free of cost to the poor and needy people
throughout pakistan
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Development of social sector has never been able to keep pace

with the demands of exponential growth of population in Pakistan.

Government spending on health and education has created a

wide gap between the needs and availability of resources. Major

segment of population belonging to lower strata of society is thus

facing serious problems of health due to unhygienic living

conditions, poor nutrition and lack of adequate medical care. To

alleviate the sufferings of the poor, a group of retired army officers

and a few enthusiastic young businessmen joined hands to

establish a welfare trust in September 1998 which was named as

Al Mustafa Trust.  



Head office of the Trust is in Chaklala Scheme III (Rawalpindi).

The Trust is governed by its Trust Deed and Bye Laws and is

managed by a Board of Trustees and an Executive Committee

duly elected by the Trustees. The Trust operates regional offices

at other locations as deemed necessary by the Executive

Committee. The Trust follows recognized accounting and audit



Provide primary health care free of cost to the poor and needy

people and at reduced rates to those who can afford to pay.



o   Establish medical centres for effective primary medical care

   of poor and needy people, initially in poor localities of

   Rawalpindi district and later in rural areas of Pakistan with

   suitable medical facilities keeping in view the resources of

   the Trust.

o   Arrange free specialist medical consultancy services to

     patients through specialists of repute.

o   Provide essential diagnostic and specialized facilities

     (Pathology Laboratory, X-Ray, ECG, Ultra Sound, Dental and

     Eye Clinics etc) free of cost to deserving cases and at

     reduced rates to those who can afford to pay.

o   Provide free medicines to the poor, when possible.

o   Encourage and receive donations, grants, gifts and

     contributions for smooth and efficient functioning of the


o   Launch health awareness programmes for prevention and

     control of diseases especially in the poor localities.

o   Over the period conduct literary pursuits and expand health

     related activities throughout Pakistan.


To do and/or undertake, promote and/or assist generally

any activity, programme, work, scheme or measures as are

incidental, conducive and/or necessary to give effect,

promote or advance any of the aims and objects of the