Following are costs of different types of donations

Medical Centers

Signature Medical Center: 18 - 20 million PKR./annually
Normal Medical Center: 3.6 - 4 million PKR/annually.


Static Dispensary: 2.4 - 3.2 million PKR/annually​.
Mobile Dispensary: 2.4 - 2.8 million PKR/annually.


Suzuki/FAW: 0.85 - 1.33 million PKR.
Toyota Hilux: 2.6 - 3 million PKR.
Toyota Hiace High Roof: 5.9 million PKR.
Toyota Hiace Low Roof: 4.8 million PKR


Lab: 1.93 million PKR.
Ultrasound: 1.3 million PKR.
Water Filtration Plant: 0.8 million PKR.

You may send your donations to any of the following accounts

For Donations

Meezan Bank

Account No. 0100143337
IBAN: PK22MEZN0008070100143337
Chaklala Scheme III Branch, Rawalpindi​

For Zakat

Askari Bank (Pak Rupees)​

Account No. 0200002775
IBAN: PK26ASCM0007710200002775
IBB Wallayat Complex, Bahria Town, Phase VII, Rawalpindi

Foreign Currency Accounts​

Askari Bank (Dollar Account)

Account No. 00401300401070
IBAN: PK85ASCM0000401300401070
Chaklala Scheme III Branch, Rawalpindi

Askari Bank (Sterling Account)

Account No.00400500402460
IBAN: PK33ASCM0000400500402460
Chaklala Scheme III Branch, Rawalpindi​

Bank in United Kingdom (UK)

NAT West (Sterling Account) Al Mustafa Charitable Trust​

Account No. 38479109 Sort Code: 60-50-09
IBAN: GB44 NWBK 6050 0938 4791 097
50 IL ford Hill, IL ford Essex, UK​

Bank in United States of America (USA)

Well Fargo Bank (Dollar Account) Al Mustafa Charitable Trust​

Account No. 3688520950
1311, Dolly Madison Blvd Mclean, VA 22101