Management of the Trust

The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees, comprising a Chairman, Member Trustees and a Secretary. The Board acts as a policy making body and elects the Executive Committee from within the trustees for a specified period to administer the affairs and the activities of the trust.

Board of Management
Lt Gen Muhammad Mustafa Khan (Retd)
Maj Gen Masood Hasan (Retd)
Maj Gen Muhammad Muzaffar (Retd)
Senior Medical Advisor
Brig Muhammad Sarfraz (Retd)
Member Finance & Member Planning and Development
Air Cdre Saif-ur-Rehman (Retd)
Member Administration
Mr. Muhammad Ghous
Member Marketing
Brig Muhammad Siddique (Retd)
Member Fund Raising
Brig Muhammad Ashfaq Ashraf (Retd)
Project Director MMC Chaklala
Brig Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Awan (Retd)
Medical Advisor
Lt Col Obaid-ur-Rahman (Retd)
Secretary Executive Committee & Member Coordination
Lt Col Waseem (Retd)
GM Procurement
Lt Col Abdul Waheed Bhatti (Retd)
Member IT & Media
Brig Naeem (Retd
Member Procurement
Brig Khalid Rashid Akhtar (Retd)