What we do

Free Primary Healthcare for the Poor

We support the community by providing the unfortunate of the society with the best free healthcare.

Medical Centres for the Needy

Established medical centres for effective primary medical care of poor and needy people initially in poor localities of Rawalpindi district.

Free Consultancy Services

Arrange free specialist medical consultancy services to poor and needy patients through top specialists of repute in Pakistan.

Specialized Facilities Free of Cost

Provide essential diagnostic and specialized facilities  free of cost to deserving cases and at reduced rates to those who can afford to pay.

Free Medicines if possible

Provide free medicines and related drugs to the poor and the needy patients whenever possible according to the resources of the Trust.

What we care for

Free treatment to non-affording patients.

It is our mission to establish a network of medical centers and dispensaries that provide free primary healthcare to the poor and needy of Pakistan.

Treatment at doorstep

In line with our mission to provide freehealth care to the deserving, we also provide medicines at doorsteps in selected poor localities through our mobile dispensaries.

Minimum Expenditures on Administration

AlMustafa Trust prides itself on having a completely voluntary management staff. This greatly decreases the overhead spent on administration and allows more donations to directly reach the poor through free healthcare.